Religious Leader who's in it for fun


A perfectly average Caucasian human, Absyn stands out from the crowd with the dressings of the Unitarian-style religious organization he leads: teal hair and white robe with a teal cross-and-circle insignia. He projects all of the confidence needed to run a young religion, with enough self-awareness to not make it obvious he’s running a cult.

Absyn describes himself as a “bored collector of things.” He runs a church because it makes money and powerful connections, though his large inheritance makes the former meaningless, and leverages those connections to grab rare historical trinkets and magically active oddities. As he’s swimming in cash from multiple sources, he’s willing to pay handsomely for their acquisition.

Absyn is one of the three leaders of Abstergo, alongside Terval and Gosander


Absyn first appeared at an Ares corporate convention, speaking on behalf of his religion celebrating the success of FIrewatch in repelling the insect threat and making a large donation to those wounded in the service.

A few weeks later, at The Blues Brothers Hamilton pre-show, Fuse noticed Absyn making a ruckus in the audience, claiming that something was wrong with the performance. He seemed thoroughly unsurprised when the Brothers turned into Mantids, and focused his energies on deflecting attacks while hunting for the shades they dropped rather than dealing with the Mantids, trusting in FIrewatch to arrive promptly and handle the situation.

Fuse caught a glimpse of his serious side after escaping the perimeter. She overheared him in coordinating with Firewatch leadership to identify and quarantine the party to prevent the insect-summoning shades from escaping containment.

Weeks later, the party took Shōrai to meet her spiritual advisor – she needed an emergency meditation session to clear her headaches. That advisor turned out to be Absyn, and after he put her in her meditation room with much religious posturing, dropped the whole act in front of the party and offered them a job. Steal some religious trinkets of historical and magical significance from the Catholic church for ¥25k each. The party successfully retrieved four, handing three over to Absyn and keeping one magically active one for The Duchess. Impressed, Absyn provided some contact information should they be interested in future work.

This, however, was a trap. One of the artifacts the party stole and gave to The Duchess was traceable, and Absyn sent Abstergo to raid the warehouse.

Absyn’s Church of the Absolute showed up again in Bogota, where the party knew Abstergo was staging an artifact expedition. The party stole data on the expedition’s main staging ground while overhearing Terval and Absyn talk about their greater plans in the facility’s “War Room”, including how the good works and aid that the church and Knights Templar provide are there to keep Gosander happy, as well as prove their superiority over someone they’re trying to take down.


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