Betty Zhang

Connection 4 Red Lotus Fixer

Type Connection 4 Fixer
Loyalties Xilonba Party (1, Professional)
Services Networking (Jobs, Red Lotus) Legwork (Mafia)
Payment Services Cash

With her short, straight hair and casual dress, Betty has mastered the art of making runners feel both comfortable and anxious at once. She primarily works as a fixer for the Red Lotus, connecting them with runners when the Triad needs smuggling, enforcement, or wetwork done without it being traced back to them. She is far from being a member of the organization, however. The Red Lotus just provides the steadiest commission.

Betty does not casually associate with anyone she does business with. Meetings are quick. Negotiations are quicker. She’s the best oiled cog in the machine that is the Hong Kong underworld, and she’s perfectly happy keeping it that way.

She prefers to do business face to face, and keeps her meeting locations casual, such as a local bar or street food vendor.


The Duchess referred the party to Betty to help them find work with the Red Lotus, in the hopes they’d eventually be able to use that to get access to Riko and discover what artifact they’re using to produce their mass-market Bioware. Betty has made it clear that she’s hiring the party only as a favor to The Duchess, and at no point should the party inform her of their true motivation for taking work from her, lest she lose her plausible deniability and have to inform her contacts in the Triad.

Betty first provided the party with a “test” job, repossessing Red Lotus drug and weapon stock that a dwarfish, ocean side gang, the Short Blades, were long past due on.

Having completed that job, the party was provided some real work – removing the pressure newly installed police chief Ken Cho was putting on the Red Lotus in western Hong Kong. They party was free to accomplish that by any means, but would be better compensated for discrete work, and were not allowed to accidentally turn Mr. Cho into a martyr in the process.

D-Dog has successfully purchased one drink for Betty. He will not be purchasing any more for her.

Betty Zhang

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