Big Boss

D-Dog's Wolf Shapeshifter Mentor

Type Connection 1 Sensei
Loyalties D-Dog (6, Mentor)
Services Support (Mentorship) Legwork (Hong Kong Routes)
Payment Loyalty, Respect

A cautious wolf shapeshifter. Comfortable running solo but capable of cooperating and working with small groups for a common goal. Always prepared with contingencies, backups, and backups for the backups. He is extraordinary in the outdoors, and his athleticism as well as unknown source of surprising amounts of money helps him to thrive in Hong Kong.

He and D-Dog are very loyal to each other, and care for each other deeply. His loyalty perhaps is deeper than D-Dog’s, for reasons that the dog’s never been able to pry out of him. The dog doesn’t know very much of his history, only that he has lived and worked amongst humans in the past and that’s where he got his mysterious stockpile of cash (and ability to hookup D-Dog with a job as a black market courier).

He lives on his own in Hong Kong, but is readily available for D-Dog, though he doesn’t much care for other people. At the urging of his mentor, however, D-Dog mainly communicates with him via comm recordings. They will meet up every once in a while for a meal or to run in the wilds. After all, the fastest way to get socialized is by meeting and interacting with new people.

He’s extraordinarily good at remaining undetected, both while tracking prey and evading pursuit, as well as has prepared several places in and around Hong Kong to lay low.

Big Boss

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