Black Lotus

Mana Triad Leader

Type Connection 5 Drug Mage
Loyalties Party (1, Friendly Business?), Gogo (2, Employee), D-Dog (2, Definitely-A-Human)
Services Swag (Drugs), Services (Magic)
Favors +1 (Party)
Payment Services (Shadow)

A Seattle native, Black Lotus’s cheery, almost naively friendly personality clashes with his position as drug lord of the reclusive and ruthlessly effective Mana Triad. He doesn’t don the cultish, hooded robes of his followers, instead preferring a white T-shirt and cargo shorts to facilitate his gardening. He’s always down for a Mexican dinner party, especially if the salsa is made with his Astral Cilantro.

Black Lotus has a deep knowledge of the production and cultivation of natural drugs and awakened flora, culminating in his masterpiece drug, the Black Lotus Special, which is produced in a large, black lotus at the heart of his base. He also runs a half-way-both-ways house, helping the dejected get into an addiction to forget their troubles, and the addicted get clean to get their lives back on track.


After performing a strange, toxic job for the Mana Triad under the Kowloon Walled City, the party was invited into the Mana Triad’s base of operations: an abandoned building on a small southwestern island of Hong Kong.

Black Lotus eagerly greeted the party and invited them to join his Triad for tacos, where he explained what he does, what he makes, and how the party can help his operation. Noticing they lacked magical support, he “offered” them one of his more powerful-but-volatile initiates, Gogo, as a token of his appreciation and cement the party’s loyalty. His love of biology and drugs also overlapped nicely with Vik’s passions, establishing an exchange of knowledge and goods between them (though they fiercely disagreed on the classification of his Wizard girlfriend/wife, but how could he expect a pixie to understand?).

The party tried to convince him that his “Special” product was harmful and killing those exposed to it through Riko brand implancts, but Black Lotus refused to listen, arguing he could do more good with the huge Riko revenue stream than the harm caused by his drugs. If the party cared so much, he posited, they’d need to shut down Riko’s plant for processing his “special” so he could easily bail on the contract without taking heat from the Red Lotus.

A week later, with the Riko Special Augmentations factory thoroughly trashed, Black Lotus reluctantly agreed that his “special” was more harmful than good. It connected users directly to the metaplanes, giving them access to all kinds of magic they weren’t ready for. Used correctly on a mage, it’s a safe, enjoyable metaplanar trip. Used on a mundane in high doses, it’ll give them magical talents they can’t control, resulting in effects like spontaneous combustion, and in low doses it would leak their essence into the metaplanes. He figured this out using “science,” with the “experiment” being wildly overdosing a pair of his followers, who may or may not have gone insane and revived the toxic cult the party shut down just weeks earlier.

This, of course, was still a net moral good, as Black Lotus’s “science” and “experiments” have the potential to advance magical knowledge by decades. All the party had to do now was deal with the Toxic Cult problem (again) to ensure Black Lotus wasn’t a bad person, and he’d happily donate his “discovery” to their “academic” organization to make the world a better place, and him the goodest of persons.

Black Lotus

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