Ry'ah Orns'in

He makes very nice knives

Type Connection 2 Shopkeep
Loyalties Fuse (1, Customer)
Services Swag (Custom Knives), Networking (Clients)
Payment Cash, Swag (Rare or quality blades)

Compared to the many, many shops selling mass produced “tribal tusker knives” to hapless breeders buying into the Orksploitation craze, Ry’ah’s shop is a breath of fresh air for those looking for a quality weapon. He hand carves and paints every blade, and customizes the grip and balance to the user if they’re willing to pay for a custom job. His switchblades are the most reliable on the market, using a slick, custom mechanism internally to make sure it opens quickly and smoothly every time.


Fuse spent quite a while at Ry’ah’s shop when she should have been investigating The Ivory. Meeting a friendly, human woman passionate about quality knives made his day, to the point where he couldn’t wait for her to place a custom order. She did, and he’s looking forward to doing business with her in the future.

Ry'ah Orns'in

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