Celia Valdez

Bounty Hunter

Type Connection 2 Bounty Hunter
Loyalties Fuse (?, Professional)
Services Legwork, Networking (Bounty Hunters), Services (Bounty Hunting)
Payment Cash, Legwork

Celia Valdez has been in the bounty hunting business for a long time now. Too long she sometimes thinks. But then she sees another notice about some piece of drek who got high and shot up a Stuffer Shack, and she tells herself she might as well pull one more job before retiring.

Fuse met Celia shortly after she came to Seattle, and they worked together to track down a copy cat who was writing love letters to the Seattle Bomber in the form of violent explosions and collapsing buildings. The job got a little touch-and-go when the copy-cat set a trap involving thermite charges and a collapsing floor. Fuse helped drag Celia from the rubble. Luckily the bomber hadn’t been able to resist watching his trap go off, and Fuse managed to find him and pin him down before he could escape.

Celia Valdez

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