Murderous Ork Detective?


A well toned, Mediterranean ork with dark olive skin and platinum blonde hair. He speaks little, if at all, wearing an emotionless expression and blank stare. He’s a strong mage, competent with blades, and well educated on toxic magic.


The Xilonba party first noticed Godanser in a television report covering the resignation of Ken Cho as police chief of Hong Kong’s west district. He approached the mic to make a quick, abrupt statement that he would be taking over all of the special investigations Cho was leading,

About two months later, the party ran across Gosander while headed into Kowloon to deal with the toxic cult Black Lotus had accidentally revived. Gosander wasn’t hard to find – he had left a trail of magically necrotized bodies behind them. He said little when they encountered him, using his Powerblade to cut through a toxic ward before warning the party to stay out of his way. They parted ways, but Valon encountered him once more after eliminating the cult leader. Gosander gave Val his name, adding, “you would do well do remember that”, before disappearing back into the maze of Kowloon.

Gosander appeared again on Cat Island, raiding the abandoned Mitsuhama facility with a small strike team. The mostly-unconscious party was well hidden by D-Dog and Val, so they eluded detection and Gosander left with scant more than Joker’s corpse, which he believed to be of some value.

Gosander showed up at Moonlight 2.0 in Australia, dressed somewhat like Gladio from FFXV to blend in. He was deeply unhappy about this, and was relieved to see the party show up. As he explained to Vik, it meant that Xilonba had “this Braun drek covered” so he could get back to doing useful work. He also mentioned surprise that Vik (and the party) was happy working for The Duchess and Xilonba, locking away artifacts to “preserve astral space,” and mentioned his life’s goal is to kill a dragon.


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