Granny Melba

An Institution in the Ork Underground Public Bazaar

Type Connection 3 Knitter
Loyalties Punch (1)
Services Legwork (Underground), Swag (Knit), Networking (Underground)
Payment Services (Conversation), Swag (Nice Trinkets), Cash

A part of the Ork Underground movement for as long as anyone can remember, Granny Melba’s handknit clothing stands out as one of the few wholesome stalls in the Bazaar. Surrounded by all manner of black market commerce and orksploitation products designed to siphon funds from curious breeders above, the elderly troll gently rocks in her chair in front of her small cart near the center of the bazaar, keeping one eye on her knitting and one on the crowd.

Though many want to see her pass on to claim her real-estate for themselves, a few key figures recognize what value she provides to the community. If you want to know what’s going down, you talk to Granny Mebla.


Punch spent some time chatting with Granny Melba while investigating The Ivory. They had a pleasant conversation about the state of affairs in the Underground and life in general. Granny helpfully pointed out a group of suspicious non-tuskers as evidence that “things just aren’t the way they used to be around here.” This suspicious group would eventually lead the party to The Ivory.

Melba appreciated Punch taking time out of her busy, investigation-filled day to chat with an old troll like herself, and gave Punch a free knit cap.

Granny Melba

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