Manuel "Hardcase" Calaveras

Disappeared private eye ork


One of the skinniest orks you’ll ever meet, Hardcase is a private eye trying to go legit after a long life of crime. Going legit is hard, though, so Shadowrunning paid the bills in the meantime, and the Duchess sure paid a lot of money.

His Bio, in his own words:

“Was part of a gang, once upon a time. Went to jail for it too. Served my nickel – and then some for bad behavior. After that I drifted for a while, picking up some skills and surviving day after day. Got lucky on my way into town, met up with a good man who had the sense of humor to learn me a trade. Now I’m an honest-to-God private detective.

“Problem is, work’s slow for tuskers with a record. So I got that going against me. I take odd jobs where I can, just trying to pay the bills and get out of this game. If you got work I’ll take it, I don’t mind much what it is.”


Hardcase participated in the retrieval of Remilon Sun, but was disappeared along with Punch during an artifact retrieval mission in Chicago. An organization known as Exagen appears to be to blame, from the message his abductors left behind.

Manuel "Hardcase" Calaveras

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