Josephine Sicard

Unbelievably Lucky Poker Player


A tall, lean Indian human, Josephine is caries herself with confidence and poise. She’s a fan of powder-blue dresses, mimosas, and winning lots of money.


Terval fingered Josehpine as the likely cheater in the poker tournament, and offered the party a lot of money for her brutal murder. Apparently the two of them had a history in the Vegas underground scene.

The party planted an unlucky gem under Josephine’s seat in the final tournament, causing her enough frustration to burn edge with the Remilon Sun to force the win. The caused the unlucky gem to fuse to her butt through the cushion, irritating her more as she stormed off the stage, butt gem gleaming in the lights.

Not one to let a target get away, Fuse followed Josephine closely, hopping into her taxi and tackling her on the floor of the Luxor, forcing Josephine into a feat of superhuman strength to lose the obnoxiously friendly canine. This bought enough time for the party to catch up and chase Josephine down to her penthouse apartment (also Terval’s apartment?).

They party swiftly dealt with the guards outside her door, but this alerted Josephine they were attacking. She plugged Punch with a lucky bullet, shot out the window, and leaped outside, sliding down the side of the Luxor to her escape below. But her escape was short-lived, as Punch shot out the windows on her escape path and Fuse dived out the window after her.

Crash landing in a room a few stories below, Fuse wrestled Josephine and ripped the Remilon Sun from her chest, causing a fiery explosion that blasted both of them into unconsciousness.

Josephine Sicard

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