Louis Mal'ner

Loud, Obnoxious Ork with Shiny, Poker Tusks


A big talking ork, with a medium sized frame, Louis’s tusks have been replace with bling. He has one copper and one gold tusk, and they’re both polished to a perfect shine. His signature move at the poker table is to drop a loud, crass insult and reflect the venue lighting into his opponent’s eyes, preventing them from delivering a suitable rebuttal.

He’s loud and obnoxious, but his techniques throw opponents on tilt often enough to win the occasional tournament, and he continually gets invited to invitational events as he makes for great TV.


Louis participated in the NLHDSFHTTAPLAP tournament, playing a few rounds against Swiffer throughout the week. His brash, bullying tactics didn’t get under Swiffer’s skin, but putting his boisterous style at the same table as Swiffer and Troll Face was enough to sink all three of them in the semi-finals.

(His bling-fuelled bullying may have gotten under Swiffer’s skin a little bit, as Swiffer purchased fake tusks and a bright orange suit in a drunken stupor the next night)

Louis Mal'ner

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