Mario Mario

Type Connection ? Chef
Loyalties Fuse (?, Consumer)
Services Swag (Food), Knowledge (Cooking)
Favors +1 (Fuse)
Payment Cash, Compliments

sigh Yes Mario Mario is his real name. No his parents don’t hate him.

Mario Mario always wanted to be one of those fancy chefs you see on the matrix. The kind that opens five star restaurants in every major city and has hot girls hanging on his every word.

But his mediocre grades in Culinary school meant that none of the fancy restaurants wanted him and no investor would take a risk on funding his restaurant dreams. He eventually got a job at a Yakuza run fusion joint, but never really felt like he fit in. Then one day his salvation came in the form of a dazzling elf with flowing black hair. The elf said he was opening up some offices and needed a private chef to lead the kitchen crew. Mario Mario jumped on the offer, unperturbed by the mile and a half of confidentiality clauses he had to sign. So what if he’d have to live in the office dorm?

So far the job has proven less exciting than Mario had hoped, but at least everyone eats what he cooks.

Mario Mario

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