Richard "Danger" Dandy

"Classic" "British" "Adventurer"


An aggressively “British” television host for Horizon’s History channel, his show “Richard Danger’s Dangerous Regalings” draws a large, world wide audience enraptured with his international escapades. His three hour long specials follow his journeys into the uncharted and dangerous realms of the sixth world in hunt of rare and valuable treasures, from the Silver Monkey to the Australian Emerald.

Mr. Danger is, of course, a fraud. He simply pays for a professional expedition to go and retrieve the treasure, shoots some stock footage in a studio, and takes the credit. His British accent is painfully forced, reminiscent of when 20th century Americans thought 19th century British all wore funny Khaki helmets and vests and talked like every word had the most dire importance.

It only takes casual research to find all of this out about him, but the sararimen and sheeple eat it up because it makes them believe there’s still adventure to be had in the world. Adventure that isn’t Shadowrunning, anyhow.


The party was hired to rob Mr. Danger of his Australian Emerald at a private viewing of his latest special, and publicly humiliate him in the process. They successfully stole it, running through the middle of the party carrying a giant red diamond, much to Mr. Danger’s befuddlement.

Val stands by his story that Mr. Danger personally invited him to that party. Richard just didn’t know it yet.

Richard "Danger" Dandy

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