Shannon Lockwell

Fuse's Old Trainer, and Lead on Jake's Disapperance


A thin, brunette human with average features, Shannon dresses comfortably in well worn jeans and a tattered shirt. She always seems a little tired; training K-9s, Hellhounds, and Barghests 40 hours a week is dirty and exhausting work!


Shannon showed up at Fuse’s hotel the night after Hardcase and Punch were kidnapped. She had tracked Punch there, having recognized Fuse in dog form at the Firewatch Gala, and hoped finding Jake’s old dog would give her a lead on Jake. After meeting with Fuse in human form she feared she had struck out, but Fuse’s eagerness to help find Jake gave her hope, and they agreed to share leads.

A week later, Shannon called Fuse with a new lead. Jake disappeared after having been deployed on a project codenamed “Backstabber.” The name meant nothing to her, but she hoped Fuse could leverage her (read: Waffles’s) connections to find out.

Shannon Lockwell

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