James Albert Hallow the "Swiffer"


James Albert Hallow is used to a life of luxury. His father was a middle class worker who raised him on his own, leaving not much time nor weath for James while he lived. This just wouldn’t do for James and now he’s been on a quest to correct those problems since adulthood with varying success. He charms his women with smooth words and plays high risk gambits to feed his need for extrudent spending.

At first James had great success with a youthful drive and a clear mission in mind. He gathered what at the time felt like an insurmountable wealth, had the attraction of young ladies, and felt he was rising in the world. What he didn’t realize was how deep he was getting himself buried to achieve his goals. He went for them straight on, incurring debts and favors to people best left out of one’s life. This soon brought about a terrible crash to James’ success with men hunting him and his funds vanished. He his a low point in his life, turning to the bottle that killed his father and BTLing his troubles away.

James was not stupid though. He learned, albeit the painful way. His first steps were to start using others to achieve his goals rather than putting himself in harms way. He began getting connected within the underworld of Seatle and did an odd job here and there to supplement his more legitimate practices. The illigiment world pays better though and James began forming a plan. He needed a Shadowrun team to manipulate. Existing teams are warry, especially of outsiders, and capable enough that complete control was difficult.

Thus James started a persona as Swiffer and did some “charity” as a social worker looking for lost souls. In particular lost souls with solid crimal skills and a weak spot to be manipulated. This connected him to an Orc named Manuel “Hardcase” Calaveras coming out of jail and setting up his own PI bussiness. He was the first of several such connections. Finally with enough of a trusting network Swiffer has stoppped his day jobs and is putting together the pieces to obtain the life he deserves. But he’ll need to get some cash soon and survive the next few months in his new line of work.

James Albert Hallow the "Swiffer"

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