Cold, Calculating Elf, who Perfectly Plays the Game


An Asian Elf with Reddish-Purple hair, Terval is somewhat new to the poker scene, but excels at it. Her icy cold stare is impossible to read, and she focuses less on playing the table and more on playing a mathematically perfect game. Her perfectly tailored blazer and pants are completely devoid of flair, helping her to stand out in a game full of endorsements and bling.

Talking to Terval could make the most seasoned face uncomfortable. Every word in a conversation with her is as perfectly calculated as her poker game.


Fuse spotted Terval watching Swiffer party it up with Thomas Braun, standing out by being the only person in the room not at 10/10 party levels. Fuse did not get much of a chance to get a read on Terval, though, as the party levels hit 11/10 moments later when Fuse became “party dog.”

Terval eliminated Swiffer from the tournament in the semi-finals, but she wasn’t done. Between Swiffer’s conspicuous orange getup and the orange icons all over the strip warning a potential cheater “we know who you are,” Terval put the pieces together and attended a Swiffer/Braun party that night. There, she approached the only individuals she could tolerate at the event, the ones not actively partying, and offered to help them solve their problem.

Terval met Waffles, Punch, and Hardcase at her suite at the Luxor and explained that she believed finalist Josephine Sicard to be the cheater, wielding whatever the party was after. She and Josephine had many encounters in the off-strip, underground gambling markets, and Josephine’s extreme luck and sudden bursts of orange were enough to make her suspicious. Josephine had also taken Terval for a few valuables, and Terval took it personally, developing a fast hatred for the upstart.

With the icy professionalism of a seasoned Johnson, Terval offered the party anywhere from 8,000¥ to 80,000¥ apiece for Josephine’s death, with pay increasing based on the visceral brutality of the death. A quick bullet to the head, for example, wouldn’t pay nearly as much as a video of a troll curb stomping. The party courteously thanked her for both the lead and the offer, and said they’d keep it in mind, despite wetwork not being their usual line of work.

(Actually, Waffles lit up at the prospect of planning an elaborate, brutal murder, surprising some and making all a little uncomfortable.)

Terval lost to Josephine on the final round of the tournament, in part due to the unlucky gem the party planted in her chair the night before. She paid a visit to Fuse in the animal hospital, asking if she knew where Josephine’s luck had gone after the party acquired the Remilon Sun.

The party encountered Terval again in an EVO Arcology. She had conned her way to the top of the business development team in charge of the crowd control project, hoping to gain enough security clearance to find the project and R&D facility on her own. When the party barged into her room, they quickly learned “Theresa Valentine” shortened to Terval, and that they wouldn’t be getting any info from this corp exec because she didn’t know anything. She could, however, get them past security and into the data centers.

Terval’s terms were: The party can have the crowd control project, but they had to steal some other project data or prototype for her while they’re at whatever R&D facility they find. Additionally, she’d pay them a bonus if they go above and beyond or steal her something particularly juicy. This deal was negotiated by The Duchess, who stated her displeasure at running into the same person again and the party involving him in it, but wasn’t about to ruin the party’s schemes and risk the artifact over those concerns.


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