Emwood and Double-J

Suave Jazz Musicians and Mantis Incubators


The tall, lanky elf Emwood and his charismatic dwarven brother JJ, or Double-J, look incredibly cool in their perfectly tailored suits, fedoras, and matching shades. Double-J does all of the talking for the two of them, with Emwood only occasionally interrupting to remind whoever Double-J is conversing with that they’re “on a mission from God.”


Emwood and Double-J asked the party to perform a series of tasks to aid them in the ritual required to charge an artifact before they hand it over to Drakadia. The job had two steps:

  1. Get the band back together
  2. Get the band a performance at a major concert venue
  3. Rock the music

The party rescued the band members from various states of despair, from the CZ to steady employment at Ares, and hacked in The Blues Brothers as the opening act for Hamilton on tour. They rocked the show, with Fuse playing party dog to keep the crowd excited, the Xilonba crew keeping everyone backstage “subdued”, and Swiffer and Waffles keeping everything else running smoothly.

At the shows peak, Emwood and Double-J exploded, their fully charged shades flying out into the audience, leaving two freshly summoned mantis spirits behind ready to feast on the band and crowd.

Emwood and Double-J

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