The Duchess

Your Highness, and Xilonba Shadow Ops Manager

Type Connection 7 Your Highness
Loyalties Party (2, Professional)
Services Networking (Xilonba Missions), Swag (Legal)
Payment Missions, Artifacts, Leads

The Duchess is quite possibly the single most beautiful, charismatic man you have ever met. Obnoxiously so. A Male Elf in his mid twenties, his ethnicity is obscured behind his radiant elvish looks, leaving him best described as “vaguely Asian.” Jet black, shoulder length hair, smooth eyes, and mild skin tone all fail to help in identifying nationality. Unless, perhaps, Adonis had his own nation, in which case The Duchess is probably from there. Yes, a proud citizen of Adnonistan, a country whose exact location is unknown, but is probably vaguely Asian in geography.

He has fine taste in fashion, most often wearing a top of the line armored jacket with custom fitting overcoat from any one of many high fashion armored clothing providers.

He acts like he’s all business, but that’s only because his job requires him to, and he doesn’t really even try very hard at that. If it seems like he’s hitting on you, don’t worry – he’s just like that with everyone he works with. In that he’ll gladly sleep with them. But only if they want it – he’s a gentleman above all things.

Presently enjoying life as a Johnson for Xilonba, those who work for The Duchess are known as his “Very Sexy Subjects”, and are encouraged to refer to him as “Your Highness” when the mood strikes them.


The Duchess approached the party after their successful(?) heist of the Australian Emerald to offer to purchase it from them. Additionally, he offered them regular employment with Xilonba and explained that the Johnson who had betrayed them worked for Xilonba’s rival organization, Abstergo.

The Duchess keeps in touch with the party remotely through the Xilonba Internal Matrix Portal, providing Mission Briefings and other useful information as he sees fit.

The Duchess

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