Thomas Braun

German Party Elf, and Connection 3 Fixer

Type Connection 3 Alcoholic
Loyalties (To FIll In)
Services Networking (Social, Shadow) Support (Party!)
Payment Swag (Socialite), Vice (Alcohol)

A german elf of average build, his short, brown hair always looks like he just got out of bed. His three piece, pinstriped suit is just as disheveled as his hair, but in an endearing way that still somehow looks good. His most distinctive feature is his jawline, which highlights his infectious smile.

Thomas doesn’t have a background story, as far as he knows, and he doesn’t care. Travelling from club to club with a woman in one hand and a drink in the other, Thomas is the life of the party everywhere he goes. Almost everyone knows his name in the local scene, and those who don’t learn it real quick.


He and Val met clubbing in the best Elf clubs in Hong Kong. Thomas’s extensive social network provides him with lots of social capital, and numerous opportunities for work crossing his commlink. He’s been a reliable source of Johnson’s for the party for years.

His party lifestyle has led to the occasional mis-step, however. Thomas vets Johnsons by only taking work from friends, but he has a lot of “friends” in his life. This culminated in the party getting betrayed by their Johnson while trying to steal Richard Danger’s Australian Emerald. He is deeply sorry for this, and will buy the party any number of drinks and/or lines of Novacoke to compensate.

Thomas Braun

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