Thomas Braun

High Class Party Partner

Type Connection 3 Alcoholic
Loyalties Swiffer (2, Party)
Services Networking (Socialite), Services (Party, Influence)
Payment Networking, Social, Party

A german elf of average build, his short, brown hair always looks like he just got out of bed. His three piece, pinstriped suit is just as disheveled as his hair, but in an endearing way that still somehow looks good. His most distinctive feature is his jawline, which highlights his infectious smile.

Thomas dominates whatever room he’s in, and has a deep love of social gambling games, such as poker.


Swiffer first met Thomas at a high class party in Las Vegas, where they fast developed a friendly social rivalry, as their personalities competed to dominate the room. They threw bender after bender, celebrating their mutual successes in the NLHDSFHTTAPLAP tournament that week. Thomas filled Swiffer in on the high-profile players using his extensive personal knowledge of the poker scene in Vegas, having been a part of it for years.

Thomas took Swiffer’s party levels from 10 to 11 with his declaration of Fuse as “party dog”, hoisting her into the air and pumping her to the beat.

Thomas was eliminated from the tournament on the third day, and took that night to recover. He returned the next day to celebrate Swiffer’s continued success, offering him his card if Swiffer ever needed his talents or connections.

Thomas Braun

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