Thomas Braun

Sexual Connoisseur

Type Connection 3 Alcoholic
Loyalties Swiffer (1, Party)
Services Networking (Socialite), Services (Party, Influence)
Payment Networking, Social, Party

A german elf of average build, his short, brown hair always looks like he just got out of bed. His three piece, pinstriped suit is just as disheveled as his hair, but in an endearing way that still somehow looks good. His most distinctive feature is his jawline, which highlights his infectious smile.

Thomas dominates whatever room he’s in, and has a deep love of dive bars, gentleman’s clubs, and bunraku parlors.


Swiffer met Thomas at the bar where Double-J and Emwood’s band was working, a bar which turned out to be a bunraku parlor, and working turned out to be a lot more than just playing music. Thomas chatted up Swiffer at the bar, and shared some of his party tips, such as “Party Dog”, a technique involving a German Shepard and lots of alcohol, to really get a room going.

Swiffer confronted Thomas with photos of Thomas partying with Swiffer in Las Vegas. Thomas commended Thomas on his use of the party dog technique, and was not surprised someone else would change their name to Thomas Braun to be as awesome as he is. Clearly word of his legend had gotten around.

When Swiffer called Thomas in Las Vegas, while sitting in front of Thomas in Chicago, Thomas told him much the same thing.

Thomas Braun

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