Troll Face

Professional Poker Player


He’s a troll. With a face. Looks like your stereotypical poker player, with a hat with holes for his pointy, goring style horns and sunglasses. A perfectly stereotypical World Series of Poker Champion, besides the whole “troll” thing.


Troll Face was one of the favorites to win the NLHDSFHTTAPLAP tournament this year, taking his calm, calculating play style all the way to the semi-finals. He took the night before to unwind in a local Tusker bar, practicing his people-watching talents, where Content Not Found: punch warned him to be on the lookout for a cheater with a penchant for orange. Troll Face dismissed this and asked to be left alone.

In a surprising turn of events to everyone involved, Swiffer showed up the next day at Troll Face’s table in a bright orange, pinstriped suit. The combination of suit, bravado, and inexplicable ability to make it to the semi-finals despite not really knowing the rules of the game made Swiffer enough of an enigma to throw Troll Face slightly off of his game. This combined with Louis Mal’ner’s fire and Terval’s cold calculation to prevent him from making the cut to the finals.

It was a bit of an upset to say the least, but in a post-game interview he explained that “I’m looking forward to going back to my room and learning to read an entirely new class of people. It’s not about winning for me – it’s about a love of psychology and a love of the game.”

Troll Face

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