Easily distracted decker who champions freedom of information


Hello there. So, my real name is actually Randolph Stahtski, but everyone just knows me as Waffles. Funny story actually, I got that name because of a botched runner job. See, we were supposed to steal some decks from some warehouse (I don’t remember who owned it anymore), but somebody (Matt >_>) accidentally tripped the alarm before I could disarm it. So, I just stole a random box and gtfoed with the rest of the team, and what do you know it turns out to be a couple of waffle irons. For whatever goddamn reason.

Anyhow, I wasn’t born super rich (my parents were pretty poor actually), so that’s a thing. My parents were never fond of corporations, especially the major ones and so they never bothered to register me with a sin. It was like that for a while, until I turned 12 at which point I found out that I apparently had a rich uncle. Didn’t even know we were related but whatever, my family suddenly got a ton of money. Woo. Of course we never really bothered to spend any of it so I just got to keep living poor boy style at the time, though thinking back on it now I think my parents may have been the smart ones. I guess I’ll never know though since they just kinda left one day. Seriously, I just woke up one day and they were gone, didn’t even leave a message. They left all the money in cash for me for some reason though, so at least I got that going for me.

And that’s pretty much it. After that I used the money to acquire a deck on the black market and started the oh so wonderful life of a decker. I got myself a job at a PI firm (had to blackmail the guy, that was fun), which got me into running thanks to Manuel’s contacts. I even maintain a blog with all of the secrets I find along the way, because information deserves to be free damnit.


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