Yulia Patyavna Blok

Fiery Street Doc

Type Connection 4 Street Doc
Loyalties Vik (5, Family), D-Dog (3, Family Friend)
Services Services (Medical, Ware), Swag (Medical, Ware), Support
Favors Vik (Many), D-Dog (1)
Payment Swag (Equipment), Favors (Mundane)

Yulia is a proud, charismatic woman. Unlike her brother Viktor but much like the rest of her race, she has an air of charisma that few can resist. Her willful personality is in everything she does, from her fiery red hair and freckles, to her stern but compelling voice. She carries herself like a person that’s earned her right to take up the space she inhabits, and she expects just as much from you. Her personality has undertones of judgement, but she ultimately encourages people to be the best versions of themselves. That being said there is a stern Russian wit to her tongue and a hardness born from a childhood spent surviving rather than simply living. Few get her the way her brother does.

Yulia is extremely committed to her Vik. He had always been the one to protect and care for her in their youth. And when the time came he taught her everything she needed to know to run a business with him. But in all honesty, she’s even more committed to their clinic. Like Vik, she’s a pragmatist. Survival is first and foremost for her, and jeopardizing that will bring down her ire. She doesn’t mind doing “illegal” activities if it’s low risk and high reward, but she also sees the merit in simply running a street-doc.


Yulia was one of many siblings, being raised almost single-handedly by Vik in their youth. When he left she was the second oldest, and thus the one to take over care for everyone. After a few years she had saved enough to leave for Hong Kong, bringing her siblings with her. In the years Vik was in school she had done well for herself working as an assistant for pharmaceutical companies; handling shipments, appointments, and the gritty details of medical supplies. Her siblings branched out to their own lines of work and set out on their own in due time. Life was fine, and when Vik came back she had been doing very well for herself. But when family calls, she has a hard time saying no.

Yulia Patyavna Blok

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