Paradise Lost

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Re: The Holy Trinity

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Look, I couldn’t think of any good innuendo, because this is important. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, onto the rest of this email, which I assure you is incredibly serious.

A little over five years ago, Aztlan and Amazonia got into a war over control over control of Columbia. While it was framed to the public as political and national rights vs environmental protection against corporate greed, there were a number of elements to how the war played out that were cause for alarm. Between the number of great dragons publicly taking stances, to the United Nations choosing to publicly indict Sirrurg for war crimes, it’s clear to anyone with an eye towards the shadows that the whole thing was a proxy war between dragonkind. And when dragons go to war, there are usually artifacts involved.

The more legal divisions of Xilonba have picked up on a ton of activity by Abstergo and Abstergo subsidiaries in the region. Our expedition teams have found themselves hamstrung by a lack of trained shamans and guides capable of providing them directions and protection on trips into the forest. Abstergo is using their ill-gotten gains of artifact profiteering to buy them all out, or at least to pay them not to take any work for the next year. This level of investment and obstruction indicates that Abstergo has a lead in the area, and they’re pursuing it aggressively, so I took the liberty of enlisting Vagranet for some less-than-legal spy work to try and figure out what they’re after. That investment paid off.

Abstergo is pursing an artifact known as “The Holy Trinity”, an artifact granted immense magical power by centuries of Christian belief and worship. Abstergo has always been fond of psychological manipulation and control, and an extremely powerful artifact of religious origin could enable them to perform mass mental manipulation on the scale of entire cities. We have to get our hands on this before they do.

I’ve chartered you all a private flight to Bogotá, Aztlan, as close to the DMZ between Amazonia and Aztlan as you can get by air. I suspect the artifact resides in the DMZ or Abstergo wouldn’t be taking so much time and so many extra precautions with this one. Arrangements have been made to provide a secure safehouse as well, so you should have no trouble bringing any gear you wish, but be careful not to get yourselves arrested by walking around with an assault rifle or mil-spec in public; Aztlan and Aztechnolgy are one in the same, so there’s no line between public and corporate police.

Once you’re there, it’ll be on you guys to work the shadows to locate Abstergo’s base of operations, find the location and identify of the artifact, and steal it from underneath their noses. This should be a major blow to them, slowing down future operations dramatically due to how heavy their investment here is. The pay reflects this, since success might mean putting yourselves out of work with me for a year or three.

Good luck, and don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

Paradise Lost

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