Black Lotus

Oh My God Boss I flew. It was amazing. And now we’ve got a new party member who can make me fly, and has a wolf mentor, too! Except his is a magic one. I’ll tell you about how we got to that point, as well as how we got you that updated map of the sewers.

So our newest job was for the Mana Triads – we were supposed to drop off a vial of mysterious substance in a certain spot in the sewers. Unfortunately that meant we had to travel through quite a lot of sewer to get there, with a few detours due to cough a collapsed sewer and Val running off and getting lost. I mean of course we had to fight through our fair share of critters – you know, the normal allotment of devil rats, hell hounds, and barghests. We managed to waltz through most of that through liberal application of grenades in exchange for temporary hearing loss and copious (I learned that word from Yulia, too! Well, sort of learned… She used it to describe us when she picked us up) amounts of rat and hound gore. After the hell hounds we reached our target fairly easily, although not very quickly because of the aforementioned sewer collapse. After a brief debate when we reached our target, we decided that doing the job we were paid to do was worth more than figuring out their motivation; we did the job.

The next bit is completely not my fault, at all. No sensible person would have run into that hail of steel.Things nearly went horribly wrong when we were attacked by some sort of giant sludge water elemental thing, because as I was in the middle of perforating (another new word, this one from Vik!) it with bullets, Val suddenly leapt up and sliced it in half with his sword. As the elemental slowly split in half and oozed back down into the sewer, I briefly saw a self-satisfied smirk on his face before the tail end of the bullet cloud hammered into him.

Thankfully, Vik did his medical magic, got Val back on his feet, and we booked it out of there. Yulia picked us up on condition that we reupholster her car to clean up the drek and blood we left in it.

After waiting two days for Val to recover, we headed back to the mana triads to report and were treated to a nice meal with their leader, Black Lotus. Boss, he’s a really nice guy – he can levitate me, grows really delicious cilantro, and was generally just very pleasant. That’s where we met our newest member, a fire loving mage calling himself GoGo. He was sort of forced on us, honestly, but I don’t mind since it means we’ll have another heavy hitter on the team.

Black Lotus

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