Blood for the Blood God

AN: Tired. Would like a break from writing summaries, but I understand that everyone else is basically in or running 2 campaigns atm. May or may not return to write an IC summary later.

OOC Summary:

Ran around tracing leads on an elf super-healer. Dog super-tracker traced him to the sketchiest of sketchy Seattle barrens. Saw Abstergo strike team as it was deploying, supposedly to also find this relic. Decided to try and race them for it – D-Dog on the roof, Fuse tracking on the street, everyone else following Fuse via streets. Street team runs into a squad of Abstergo folks. Fuse and D-Dog leave them behind to try to beat Abstergo to the objective. Street team is detained, Doc is riddled with bullets, Val is rendered unconscious again, and Swiffer makes it away in the confusion of a stun grenade going off. Doc drags Val off, and is OK only because of drugs.

Fuse and D-Dog find the objective. After a brief detour in which Fuse distracts another 2 of the Abstergo strike teams, they make it inside the building. D-Dog attempts to talk the blood mage into handing over the relic peacefully and leaving to run from the Abstergo strike team. Doesn’t work. Fuse takes matters into her own hands (Paws? Jaws? Knife?) and one-shanks the guy through the neck. D-Dog FINALLY GETS TO ONE-SHOT A SPIRIT!! They grab the relic, free the people and lead them to Abstergo for freedom, and get out safely, picking up their injured comrades on the way. D-Dog considers teaching friends about their potential Lord and Savior, assault rifle. Figures Swiffer would say that it cramps his style, Val has a knife fetish, and Vik just gave him a look and turning away. Doesn’t do it, and they continue their taxi ride back home.

Blood for the Blood God

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