D-Dog's 1st Log

Is this thing on? HEY DEEZY, IS THI- Geeze, no need to be rude…

Hey Boss!

Deezy was nice enough to let me use his commlink to record my letter to you while he works on some improvements to mine. Apparently, never installing a spam filter was why my comm had so much static. I’m sure glad we picked up a decker!

Anyways, I know you asked me to write you about my missions, so here I am. Well, not exactly writing, since I haven’t learned yet, but I’m still working on my letters between missions!

Our first mission was, all things considered, straightforward. We got a call from the elf fixer, telling us that a Johnson had a job for us. We met up with him at a bar in the barrens. The job was to “obtain” information on the Johnson’s missing package and report it back to him. He didn’t give us very much information – only the shipping number, expected arrival date, and expected dock. We probably should have spent a bit more time planning the mission, but our decker, Deezy, was on a tight time schedule. Some sort of Matrix Date, or something…

Well, we did just fine anyways. Other than one small mishap getting into the warehouse, the retrieval went off without a hitch. We left the decker and the car a ways away from the dock and scouted it out. It was pretty lightly guarded, so combined with our decker letting us know where the cameras were, we made it next to some warehouses pretty easily. Oh! Before I forget, I did have to clear the way past the barbed wire fence for the elf and the elf-wannabe by clipping the wire as I somersaulted over it. I’m sure you would have found something to correct – I’ll try to show you what I did next time I see you.

So once we got to the warehouse, the elf-wannabe tried to wall-run his way up the warehouse. I think he felt like he needed to show off, since I’d just flipped over a fence. It was pretty funny when he only made it halfway up the wall and had to abort – of course that meant I had to crawl up the side of the building and tie a rope for them to climb up after me. Hehe, I thought I’d tied it to something sturdy, but it’s hard to see rust at night – the pipe I tied it to snapped as Dhatri made it to the top of the building. Luckily he caught both it and the rope before they fell.

After that, it was just a matter of making sure that I stayed out of sight sneaking along the ceiling to the office, since a guard had wandered into the warehouse to check out the noise from the snapping pipe. There was a dwarf in the office, but I pretty quickly tasered him before our decker helped me find the information we needed in the system. It really would have been much easier if I had been able to read, though. Maybe I should think about some tutorsofts.

We got out and took the information back to the Johnson. He was… a little angry that his package was missing, and offered to pay us extra to kill the guy who took it and return his package, unharmed. We haggled a bit, made a deal, and after leaving our decker to his date, drove off to find some info on this guy. Dhatri’s gang boss lover had the dirty details on him – a low level triad who had left to form his own gang out in the barrens. So out to the barrens we went!

Man, it was really a small gang. Maybe 5 gang members total? We climbed up the outside of their safe house to get the drop on them from the second story. The elf-wannabe tossed a pepper punch grenade in the room downstairs to knock them out, but he kind of missed and only hit two of them with it. It didn’t really matter though – after a small scare when one of the goons took out half the stairs with the stolen gun, we killed the rest of them, cleaned off the gun and box nice and neat, and dropped it off with the Johnson.

I really wanted to keep that gun, though… Man, a Panther XXL. Gorgeous. Oh, my comm’s done! God I hope it works. Catch you soon, Boss!

D-Dog's 1st Log

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