ExChief Ken Cho

Even though I think no one has any idea that I was involved, always better safe than sorry, like you say; that’s why I spent the last couple of weeks sitting here in [CLASSIFIED], working on my guns and my letters after our last job. I think I’ve almost got the letters figured out, which is why I’m taking a break from the guns to “write” you this. It’s the first bit of extended alone time that I’ve been able to take in quite a while and I have to say, it’s pretty nice. I can see why you like living alone.

Ahem. Anyway. So the last job we took after the Short Blades – the Red Lotus weren’t as impressed as we hoped they would be, so they tossed us another job to… prove our worth, so to speak. I won’t tell you why exactly we wanted to impress them, in case this gets intercepted. Our next job was to remove Ken Cho from his position as police chief. We spent a few days ruminating (see that word?! Yulia taught me that word. She says it means “thinking.” I’m pretty sure things with her are going better than they were with Betty – I guess girls don’t like it when you just buy them drinks in a bar… I hope she doesn’t mind that I haven’t talked to her for a couple of weeks…) on this and trying to find a plan of attack. Vik suggested a setup where we drug his inhaler and get him to go nuts on a crowd, but we decided that would be too complicated.

Deezy came up with the eventual plan that we went with (AN: I know, Alice didn’t, but I think it makes sense for her character to be the originator of this plan) which was to eliminate Ken Cho’s subordinates that he’d brought with him from Beijing to Hong Kong. We split up to get information on all 3 and decided that the best course of action would be to take them all out in 1 night – one gruesome murder to send the chief a message, and 2 mysterious accidents or disappearances to cover our trail.

We tracked them all down, and decided that the woman, Target 2, would be the gruesome murder – she lived in the classiest area and was the most normal seeming of them all. Target 1, a party animal, we would leave to Val to disappear him, and Target 3, a troll living in the slums, we would make look like an accident.

As things go, the plan could have gone much worse. We went to scope out Target 2’s apartment complex by sneaking in through the sewers and into the maintenance room – our plan was just to get inside for a quick hack on the building’s directory. Unfortunately when Vik went to pickpocket the guy’s key card badge, our plans abruptly changed. After some bumbling and bluffing, Vik and I made our way into her room. I’m sure you’ve seen what happened next on the trids, so I won’t bother repeating those details. I guess it makes other people squeamish, but really, we saw worse hunting and eating raw dingoroos, didn’t we? Maybe it’s because people aren’t used to seeing innards and blood everywhere…

So while all this was happening, Val and Deezy were taking care of the party animal Target 1. Val doesn’t remember much aside from, ahem, "PARTY DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGG WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! which he swears looked like this:


He doesn’t deny that he was on drugs. The target was so disappeared that even Val doesn’t remember what happened to him, which is good enough for us.

The last target was actually the easiest, all things considered. Vik and I broke in, I downed a troll with the help of my taser and a tranq patch, learning the value of tranquilizers, and we arranged his body in the bath tub to make it look like he fell. Vik convinced a nosy neighbor that it was in her best interest to forget that she had seen anything, and we made it out once we were sure no one was paying attention.

We’re definitely in with the Red Lotus (or whatever organization runs them) now – some spooky guy in a hood found me in the bolt hole you gave me, and after some running around, we got in touch and got our next job. The guys know they tracked me down, so we’re all being a bit more careful now.

ExChief Ken Cho

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