Kowloon ToxiCity Redux

Hey Boss,

First of all, I admit it, you were right – I should’ve paid more attention when you were teaching me how to find my way and retrace my tracks. Do you think you have some time this month to go rough it in the wild for a while? I’ve met so many new people this past month and I have so much to tell you, especially since you seem to know more about this whole shadowrunning thing than I do. Why didn’t you ever tell me you used to be a runner?

After we reported the burning of the factory to Black Lotus, he in turn told us about the… “science experiment” he had done on two of his followers. Unfortunately, he claimed they ran away to re-form the toxic mage cult and refused to give us his flower until we went back and fixed his mistake for him. Third time pays for all, as you would say.

So off we went, back into the Kowloon Walled City. Except this time, there seemed like there were fewer people, and definitely no more gangs which was a relief. Meant that there were fewer people I would have to shoot, and less chance for Gogo to “accidentally” set the entire city on fire. I uh… unfortunately got us lost for a little while, but we eventually found the way and got where we needed to go so there’s that!

We disposed of the errant (Yulia taught me that word too! Well, sort of – I had to look it up after she used it when she was cursing us out for messing up her car again last week. Something about Vik and his errant ways) toxic mages. I say we, but really it was me, Val, and Gogo. Lord knows what Vik was off doing while we were killing things – all I know is that when he came back, he had just taken another dose of that drug he had made and seemed way too hyper. He claimed he had been off “destroying magical leylines” and “interrupting the flow of magic” or something. I hope he isn’t getting addicted to that stuff, I’m sure it can’t be good for him…

What else, what else…. Oh! Gogo saved me from the giant glowing green spirit on a horse that had been chasing me through the halls by setting it on fire, but I saved him from said spirit after it caught on fire and touched him. Thank God I invested in fireproofing my jacket. We also ran into a blonde orc adept who had been cutting down Toxic Mages in Kowloon as well. He wasn’t very friendly, wouldn’t even fist bump me. He did tell me his name, though, so he could be a friend in the future! He wouldn’t have told me his name if he didn’t want to be friends, right? I recognized him as the new police chief, so it should be easy enough for me to call him up.

After a little bit where Gogo was sick (Doc said it was because of “residual Yersinia Pestis concatenated with virulent MRSA and Variola Scrotus,” whatever that is) and got better, we finally grabbed the flower from Mr. Lotus and delivered it to The Duchess. Judging by the glint in both Val and Gogo’s eyes when they saw the money, I won’t be seeing them for at least a month while they do whatever it is magic people do to get stronger. As for me, I’m going to spend some time getting to know my new friends a bit better, train some, and who knows what else might happen?

See you soon!

Kowloon ToxiCity Redux

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