Short Blades

Hey Boss,

We’re on our way to our next job, so I have to make this short. Our last job was supposed to be straightforward – go shake down a gang for some goods for the Red Lotus. Yeah, we’re sort of working for / with the Lotus for now, but it’s not as bad as you think. So we get there, and I got a bit distracted talking to Deezy in the car so Val and Vik went out to get the job done.

After they went in, I got set up on top of a nearby building to cover them. Somehow they uhh… stumbled into some gangers, and things got hot. Rather hot, actually – I ended up going in with Deezy to draw some fire and get them out. I ended up knocking out probably 15 gangers, which I’d say is drawing fire. We sadly overlooked a tiny detail of how we would get all the goods out. We ended up getting what we thought was a decent amount of goods, but not all that the Lotus were missing. We did have some fun lowering crates on rope from the 3rd story and putting them into the car.

Hence why we’re going out on this second job – gotta earn some more cred with them… I’ll see you soon boss.

And don’t worry, we won’t be doing anything you wouldn’t do. Probably.

Short Blades

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