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Re: The Ultimate Hacker?

Hello, my Sexy Subjects,

There are very few things in this world I don’t really understand. Closed, monogamous relationships are one. The matrix is another.

Now, I know how to use a commlink just as well as the guy from last night, and the girl after that, and… well… I had a busy night, let’s just leave it at that. But do you really understand the matrix? I’ve been deep inside, and I mean deep, from the Foundation of a host to the Resonance Realms, and while I learned plenty about hospital romance and the viability of alternate harpoon types, I can say with certainty I have no fragging clue how any of it works.

Which is why you’re going on this job instead of me.

I’ve got some connections over at NeoNET, and I hear rumors that there’s an individual operating somewhere out of Japan who’s giving the local DemiGODs a run for their money. Rumor has it he or she can hack any device within miles of their current location with no trouble, and once they do they can proxy through that device to hack the next one, and the next one… and so on. To make this even more ridiculous, they say this hacker can crack and brick devices that are offline. This makes them nearly impossible to trace. Nearly.

We have a technomancer on staff and set up a little honey pot for our hacker friend. We heard this hacker was prideful, so we taunted him and did some, quote, “Resonance Trickery” (our TMs words) to trace our target’s location. We got pretty close before they figured out what we were up to and went offline, and we’ve got it down to a few square miles: Tashirojima, a Neko Island off the coast of Japan. This info gives us a serious leg up not only on GOD but also Abstergo, since he likely won’t fall for this trick again.

I may not completely understand how the matrix and “Resonance Trickery” work, but I do know one thing: Deckers are weak to bullets. Get yourselves to Tashirojima, find the target, and steal whatever it is they’re using to accomplish these digital feats before GOD wises up and destroys our artifact (and all those adorable kitties) with an Avenging Angel.

Don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

The Hack's Meow

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