Using your Calendar

Each user in the DIMPs system is provided with a calendar to track their weekly activities. Use it: to track your Shadowrunning and personal development activities, to track related expenses, and as a helpful reminder for when your monthly expenses are due. For simplicity and to ensure compatibility between the Gregorian and Legacy Tir calendar systems, the calendar is abstracted into 4 week months, with an extra 5th week added at the end of each quarter.

Note that Shadowrunners enlisted with the Xilonba Shadow Ops program are expected to engage in no more than one Shadowrun and/or Personal Development activity per week. This ensures runners are rested and ready to engage on Xilonba operations with a week’s notice. As a friendly reminder, Xilonba offers training packages for associates looking to rapidly develop their skills. Consult your manager for information.

Xilonba associates are also encouraged to link calendar records to either the team’s Mission Log for that mission or their personal DIMP blog recording their experience of that mission or run.

A sample calendar is provided below.

M Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5
1 Run 1: Found Panda W 1→ 2 (1/2) Run 2: Change Panda into Phoenix W 1→2 (2/2)
-10 Karma
2 Hacking 4→5 (1/5) Hacking 4→5 (2/5) Hacking 4→5 (3/5) Xilonba Mission: Yellow Tail
3 Xilonba Mission: Yellow Tail Xilonba Mission: Yellow Tail Hacking 4→5 (4/5) Hacking 4→5 (5/5)
-12 Karma
P. Ground 1→3
-12 Karma

Using your Calendar

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