Mission Briefings

Official Stuff

Mission name Apx. Payout Apx. Time Apx. Length Status
The Color of Chicago 300,000¥ 2 weeks 3 sessions Complete
On a Card’s Edge 200,000¥ 1 week 2 sessions Complete
Outsourced Augmentations 400,000¥ 6 weeks sessions Complete
The Healing Touch 80,000¥ 1 week 1 session Complete
The Hack’s Meow 180,000¥ 1 week 2 sessions Complete
A Shooting Star 300,000¥ 4 weeks 4 sessions Complete
The Big Bang 250,000¥ 1 week 2 sessions Complete
Project Blade-In-The-Back 480,000¥ 3 weeks 3 sessions Complete
Down Under the Knife 200,000¥ 1 Week 2 Sessions Complete
Paradise Lost 900,000¥ 3 Weeks 2-3 Sessions Available

Note: All payouts and time estimates are “off the cuff” and only reflect Drakadia’s estimations. They do not reflect opportunities that may arise to collect additional nuyen through paydata or other ‘private’ work. All numbers are approximations and subject to change without notice.

Other Stuff

What’s in a name? Exagen is responsible for creating Thomas Brauns, as well as abducting Punch and Hardcase and turning them into Brauns. But why? Perhaps the answers lie in Perth… Done
Big Boss’s Big Jobs
The Cows Come Home The party shut down a corporate blacksite out in the boonies. The corp was doing torturous research on bovine shifters there. The party saved a lot of cows that day, at the expense of Gogo Done
Snake? Snake!? SNAAAAAAKE! The party assassinated and collected an identifying chip from the Lord of Venom, a basilisk-naga hybrid monstrosity that ran its own gang and nightclub Done
Let me show you my Pokemans EVO’s Pokemans – they were shown to them. Also, they captured a wolf shapeshifter dude, who Boss apparently knows Done
Big Boss’s Final Boss Boss has finally found what he was looking for. Now he needs it dealt with. But only when you are ready – this is not a job for the faint of heart Done
Ultimate Friend Search 2076
About Project Backstabber Burned corporate spy James “The Hobbit” Zhou turned out to be Jim the Old Hobo. The party helped his Hong Kong based ring of information brokers get revenge on the man who burned him. He’s now working with the Duchess to put together a plan of action on Project Backstabber, and to find Jake. Done
Elven Moonlight
The Council’s Call The party assisted the Hong Kong Council of Elves against a Humanis plot. Swiffer and Val were given honorary titles and memberships as a result Done
Political Lynching Poor Mr. “Mayor” never stood a chance. Nor did the Yakuza intruding on Samuel’s territory. Now the Council has some territory to call their own, at least politcally Done
Black Emerald Mr. Emerald has a political power play at the ready, but he needs some clandestine work done to ruin the fortunes of his rival. Meet him in The Emerald Room to discuss matters further. Done
Three Colorless Mana
Liquid Courage Black Lotus has become aware of a well developed archeological dig on ancient elven dynastic lands to the East of Hong Kong. He wouldn’t care about the desecration of dandelion eaters’ stuff, but it’s messing with the flow of mana through his greentower. Fix it for him, trash the site, and feel free to loot any treasure while you’re there. Open

Mission Briefings

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