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Hello, my Sexy Subjects,

Seems everything’s moving to China these days, even with the dominance of the Japanacorp on the Corporate Court. The story goes that people there are just willing to work for less, and have a culture of cutting corners. I think it’s more than the corporations have brainwashed them into working for less and thinking it’s okay to cut corners, but that’s not really the point. We’re going to talk about one of the corners being cut in a Red Lotus owned manufacturing facility that mass-produces Bioware augmentations.

Everyone knows the reason that Bioware is more expensive than Cyberware is that you can’t mass produce compatible genetic material, but Riko, the Triad-backed manufacturing corp, claims to have cracked that nut. Small problem – poor bastards in the UCAS who’ve installed Riko muscle toner have died of essence loss. The most high profile was an up-and-coming Urban Brawl player who self-financed his augmentations. He had Strength, Agility, and Reaction the likes of which the sport had never seen, and a Body the likes of which I would really like to see without all that armor on. But he flamed out, dead of what looked like a heart attack just before scoring a game winning goal that would have promoted him out of the minor leagues, but eventually turned out to be his soul fleeing his empty husk of a body. (No, I wouldn’t still hit that, you sick fraggers. I have standards. Usually.).

We suspect there’s an artifact involved in Riko due to the absurdly low price point on their augmentations (nearly 75% off of the market!) and the continual drain of essence they cause. I’ve only seen continual essence drain once in my life, and it was a nanotech augment that definitely qualified for “artifact” status.

I have a contact in Hong Kong, where the facility is located, who has an “in” with the Red Lotus. Doing him some favors would be doing favors for the Red Lotus Triad, and those favors should get you an “in” with Riko so you can start investigating. Find whatever artifact they’re using to make these augments and either destroy it or recover it for Xilonba – it’s too dangerous to leave in Triad hands. (Obviously you’ll get paid much more to retrieve it, though). Be careful – Riko has kept this PR nightmare under control, having paid off, blackmailed, or killed anyone trying to pin these deaths on them. You don’t want to end up in the latter category.

Don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

Outsourced Augmentations

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