Project Blade-In-The-Back

To: <sexysubjects@drakadia>, <sexysubjects@xilonba>
From: <duchess@drakadia>
Re: Project Backstabber

Hello, my Sexy Subjects,

So, apparently we have some new friends. A information brokering service known as The Vagranet Group approached me a few weeks ago with a huge dossier on something called “Project Backstabber.”

Now, you must understand why it took so long for me to get you this briefing. This thing is called “Project Backstabber”, and the email came directly to my inbox. Given my past, present, and future indiscretions, you can see how I might have mistaken this for a completely different kind of project. That, and the premise of a ring of well connected, yet homeless, burned corporate spies hiding in plain sight and brokering information in Hong Kong is the kind of ridiculous setup Horizon puts in their smut all the time. So I politely informed them they couldn’t afford my rates, especially since they double once a camera enters the picture. They then informed me that this entire project had been prepaid for, and by you guys. I was deeply flattered, but I reminded them that I keep business, pleasure, and the business of pleasure all completely separate, and that I wouldn’t be disrobing on film, even for my Sexy Subjects. Somewhere between three and three hundred very confused emails later they realized that, yes, they had the right comcode, and I realized that, no, they weren’t trying to hire me but give me information that had already been purchased.

The point is, the name “Project Backstabber” was incredibly confusing for everyone involved, so when discussing it internally please use the new title, “Project Blade-In-The-Back”, to save us all time.

Back on topic, though… damn this is some fine information. Like, wow. The patterns of corporate behavior in here are clearly indicative of artifact level shenanigans, and The Vagranet Group has already eliminated the most obvious and potentially time wasting routes to getting to the bottom of this.

Xilonba is now partnering with The Vagranet Group to establish a base of corporate espionage in London, where we hope to launch a solid attack at the Ares HQ and get to the heart of Project Blade-In-The-Back. Getting that base setup, launching the attack, and executing on the information we steal is going to require all the muscle we can get, so I’ll be sending you guys along to give this project that extra “oomph” that will make Ares squeal with… uh, financial loss, I guess.

While you’re there, of course, you’re free to enjoy all of the finery London has to offer. For food, the height of their cuisine is the world famous fish and chips, served with a side of salt. Fashion wise, it’s a little known fact that London set the trend of Vajazzling into motion a few decades back, and yes that’s a real thing, and cyberware has only made it more gaudy with time. Also, a lot of people talk about how “The Chunnel” is pretty cool, which I assume is a sex act involving a model train?

So, yeah, I’d work your tails off and get this job done as quickly as possible, if I were you, so you don’t have to spend one salty, redcoat second longer there then you need to.

Don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

Project Blade-In-The-Back

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