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Hello, my Sexy Subjects,

Have you ever found yourselves in the heat of the moment, pressed between heaving masses of sweaty metahuman flesh, all screaming out with raw, unadulterated passion until you find yourself losing your identity and becoming one with the energy that surrounds you? I know I have. Turns out, though, that the megacorps are not huge fans of riots.

When it comes to handling a riot, you’ll always hear Lone Star and Knights Errant talk about “Crowd Control”, keeping the unwashed masses contained to the place where they can do the least damage, and the police can beat a few of them senseless out of view of the news drones. “Crowd Control” is really an industry, with new innovations coming out of the corps each day, from the latest Pepper Punch concoction to cheaper gel rounds. If a corp can develop a Crowd Control technology that’s cheaper, more effective, or safer than anything else out on the market, they stand to make a lot of money. Well, there’s not a ton of money in “safer,” but you get the idea.

My sources have filled me in on a prototype Crowd Control technology that Evo recently finished developing that had the potential to turn the entire industry on its head. It’s an energy based stun technology that, much like a taser, shocks the target into unconsciousness. It gets a lot cooler after that – using some sort of magical resonant effect the weapon causes the target’s body to transmit a similar shock to the nearest person, within a few feet. This effect chains until there is no one left nearby to shock into unconsciousness. With a single pull of the trigger, this technology could have had entire riots safely and humanely suppressed before the news could even show up to report it.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you talk to), it didn’t work, and the people are free to go on expressing their opinions as loudly or violently as they like. In human testing, the “energy chaining” worked exactly as expected, except for the part where the hearts of those affected would explode, at least for the first two or so chains. The rest were inflicted with severe, life-threatening burns. Evo didn’t build a Crowd Control device as much as they built a Weapon of Mass Destruction. My whistle-blower source forwarded me the video of it being tested on the five subjects, and, well, it’s NSFL, let’s leave it at that.

Of course, like any good AAA corp, Evo sees the “chaining” technology as promising rather than the weapon they built as an abomination unto God, and stored it away for further research. Given that a single use of a technology this horrific is likely to create a permanent background count every time it’s fired, we’d much rather have it in our care where we can ensure it won’t fall into the wrong hands and dispose of it properly.

My contact has since left the company, disillusioned with the megacorp’s mission after seeing all of this, but he’ll be able to get you started. His contact information is attached.

Don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

The Big Bang

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