The Color of Chicago

To: <sexysubjects@xilonba>
From: <duchess@xilonba>
Re: FW: Chicago Artifact Collection

Hello, my Sexy Subjects,
Got a new job for you. Not time sensitive. Here’s my briefing straight from the pretty boys downstairs:

> For once, we’ve actually heard from someone who wants us to have their artifact. A source in Chicago going by the alias “JJ” (or Double J) claims to own an artifact of magical importance, but he has a condition. This “Azure Artifact” is currently a worthless chunk of rock, having lost its magical properties a few years back, and JJ apparently knows the few specific tasks need to be performed in the Chicago sprawl to restore it. Once the Azure Artifact has its magical properties restored, he’ll give its location to the team and transfer control of it to Xilonba for further research and, if necessary, containment.
> We’ve been assured the tasks required to restore the Azure Artifact are entirely quasi-legal or worse, and we’re not entirely sure we can trust this contact to maintain his end of the bargain. To that end, we should send a team of retained runners from our Shadow Ops division to handle this case.

So you might be thinking to yourself “how can we trust this JJ fellow?” You can’t. Duh. I did put a few calls in to try and run some background on this guy, though. Turns out he has a pretty sizable net worth.

Now I want to make this incredibly clear: you are not to rob or extort anyone while working in an official capacity for Xilonba. That being said, if it turns out this guy is a fraud and doesn’t have any artifact on him, well, you’re not really working for Xilonba anymore on this one, are you? And, of course, if you don’t return with an artifact, Xilonba won’t pay you. Rules are rules. If only there were some way you could compensate yourselves for the lost time and effort if this guy proves to be a fraud… Hmm…

I’m sure you’ll think of something. When you do, you are more than welcome to mention it to him to keep him in line.

Now go out there and get us an Azure Artifact… whatever that means!

Don’t let me down, or else! XOXO.
- The Duchess

The Color of Chicago

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